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What more can I do?

What more can I do?

That’s the question I ask myself everytime :

What more can I do for this business?

I went to Vega Corp in June,2018, work in there for 2 years, god it feels like 10 years!

I give my heart out, give my second heart out, many nights I go for counsels from one the the best in the field on how to improving the business and marketing as the whole!

I practice law of receiving to its fullest!

The business is dying, slowly, everybody knows that, but somehow I still believe, something inside me still hope !

Then I got the final answer from one of my business mentor!

It’s clear: it’s over!

On March 2020, the business officially declared loss and begin to downsize, many people had been fired and got to look for a new job in the middle of a well-staged epidemic!

They don’t kick me out, but my team members got kicked out, and deep down inside I know that’s necessary for business, more important it’s best for business, still something inside me hurt!

Who am I without my team?

I am just a normal soldier without them!

And finally I decide to quit on 27, June ,2020.

It’s not easy, when it comes down to one question: Do I want to do it?

No, I don’t really want to, but I don’t want to see all of my system go to the ground zero!

I am scared, I was afraid, many of my friends tell me it’s hard to find job in this current crisis!

I don’t know where to find food or where to find a new job, but I decided!

Without me, the company doesn’t have to pay for a salary for a leader of a budget-sucking service!

And that’s what’s best for business!

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