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A new kind of tithe!

A new kind of tithe!

Today I experiment with new kind of tithe!

I am so tired of randomly going on the street, hoping to pound on some random fried cake sellers, give them some money and wish you all the best!

Today I pack the tithing money in the sheet of paper, the same sheet I wrote 5 things I am most grateful for at the beginning of each day!

It turns out that I have to go around the city to find a place to put the money hidden, then I choose a place that have high chance of a street cleaner can spot, I continue to hide the money below a wooden plank, and show a part of the paper to lure the “victim”.

When I am done, I can hear the money talks:

“Master, don’t leave us”

“Go, I say, and find a new deserving hand”

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