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The last piece of puzzle

The last piece of puzzle

For many years, 9-10 years to be exact, I have studied, applied, and practiced universal laws, success principles and science of getting rich.

I am a student of life!

But I feel like even though I got the most powerful knowledge, discover the most powerful secret, have the most desirable asset.

Something still missing, small but vitally important piece of the puzzle!

Then I see my mentor, Bob Proctor, talked in an interview with a businessman: If you watch this over and over again in a year, you’ll double your income, and I don’t care what you are earning.

And I saw him said: If you have difficulty getting it to work, it’s the PARADIGM!

I feel like I finally found the last piece of the puzzle!

It’s the PARADIGM!

Changing paradigm is the key to unlock all the power of the knowledge and understanding I’ve accumulated over the last decade!

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