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I know what I fear now!

I know what I fear now!

For very long time, I don’t know what I fear.

The fear of death: nah, I am immortal and have been hell too many times to consider be feared by it!

The fear of old age: nah, my body is full of energy, and I am at the peak of my life in the age of 30, Osiris is on my side so there is no fear of old age, I am getting younger and younger!

The fear of poverty: maybe, I know my life purpose, know why I am here, hell does not scare me any more but the miserable life with little food to eat and narrow apartment to live scare me a bit!

The fear of loss of love: nah, I already know who my soul mate is, and know that we are together many lifetimes before, so love is perpetual for me!

The fear of ill health: nah, same reason as the fear of old age.

The fear of criticism: yes, that’s the only fear I have left now. I have turn to the age of couldnt’-care-less but I still worry about what others may think or say about me, I am superconscious of what I say and behave in public!

It’s like I am not ready for this age yet!

And I just discovered the last fear:

The fear of truth: of facing cold, harsh truth, to face with what works and what doesn’t , to face neutral, impartial data , to acknowledge failure and deficit, to look at the weakness and feel comfortable!

That’s the fear I have for a long time, that I deny myself of seeing it!

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