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I am so happy and I didn’t know it!

I am so happy and I didn’t know it!

I worked until 7 pm, then wolved down my dinner consisting of beef noddles, after that rested in my home, looked out in the rain and prayed that it’ll stop so I could go to bros’ places as planned.

My prayers are heard and the rain stop.

I am so delighted, then went out of my 16 m2 apartment, went to one bro’s house, then another bro.

When I came home I was exhausted, climbed to get back to my tiny apartment at 7 floors without elevator, I realized one thing:

My life was so miserable!

And I realized one more thing:

I am so happy!

Regardless of the pain, regardless of the hurt, regardless of the excruciating schedule.

I am so Happy!

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