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A white girl

A white girl

The feeling, it lingers, it burns and it like a monster inside , roaming around your realm of emotion

I dreamt I was on the riverside, with my little bro, and he’s gone ,when I saw a white girl with long, dark hair in the middle of water.

My brother vanished into water and I knew it’s not her, she’s maybe a ghost but she did’t do that.

I ask her to find my brother, and she dive into the water. Her small face change into skull when she’s under water and change back again into normal, beautiful face when in the surface.

Could it be the sign that you gave me, Marry, that even when we are old, even when we are dead, my love for you remains intact!

In that dream, I remember I am in the river’s edge, and make love to the girl in the white dress.

A white girl, who are you?

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